That Which Survives

Lieutenant ?: “No debris of any kind, Sir. I’ve made two full scans. If the planet had broken up, there’d be some sign. What bothers me is the stars, Mr. Spock.”

Spock: “Stars?”

Lieutenant ?: “Yes Sir, they’re wrong.”

Spock: “Wrong?”

Lieutenant ?: “Yes, Mr.Spock. Look. Now here is a replay of the star pattern just before the explosion.”

Spock: “Hmm. A positional change.”

Lieutenant ?: “It doesn’t make any sense. But somehow i’d say, that in a flash we’d been knocked 1000 light years from where we were.”

Spock: “990.7 light years to be exact, Lieutenant.”

Scotty: “Wel’, that’s not possible! Nothing could do that!”

Spock: “Mr. Scott, since we are here, your statement is not only illogical but also unworthy of refutation. It is also illogical to assume that any explosion; even that of a small star goinng super nova, could have hurled us a distance of 990.7 light years.”

Scotty: “Whu’the point is, it shouldn’t have hurled us anywhere! Why it should have destroyed us immediately, vaporized us!”

Spock: “That is correct, Mr. Scott. By all the laws we know. There was no period of unconsciousness. Our ships chronometer registered a matter of only a few seconds. Therefore, we were displaced through space in some manner which I am unable to phathom.”

Scotty: “What your saying is that the planet didn’t blow up and the captain and the others are still alive!”

Bread and Circuses

Mr. Scott: “Shipslog Stardate 4041.2. Chief Engineer Scott reporting. Captain Kirk and his landing party have checked in but they have used code term condition Green which means they’re in trouble……but it also prohibits my taking any action…….. Mr. Chekov, pin point power source locations, type power load factors and how much our beams will have to pull to overload them.”

Chekov: “That may take some time!”

Mr. Scott: “Let it take time, lad! They’re in trouble and I’m under orders not to interfere…however… order can stop me from frightening them……may do no good…but it may suggest to someone just what a Starship can really do…..Aye!”