That Which Survives

Lieutenant ?: “No debris of any kind, Sir. I’ve made two full scans. If the planet had broken up, there’d be some sign. What bothers me is the stars, Mr. Spock.”

Spock: “Stars?”

Lieutenant ?: “Yes Sir, they’re wrong.”

Spock: “Wrong?”

Lieutenant ?: “Yes, Mr.Spock. Look. Now here is a replay of the star pattern just before the explosion.”

Spock: “Hmm. A positional change.”

Lieutenant ?: “It doesn’t make any sense. But somehow i’d say, that in a flash we’d been knocked 1000 light years from where we were.”

Spock: “990.7 light years to be exact, Lieutenant.”

Scotty: “Wel’, that’s not possible! Nothing could do that!”

Spock: “Mr. Scott, since we are here, your statement is not only illogical but also unworthy of refutation. It is also illogical to assume that any explosion; even that of a small star goinng super nova, could have hurled us a distance of 990.7 light years.”

Scotty: “Whu’the point is, it shouldn’t have hurled us anywhere! Why it should have destroyed us immediately, vaporized us!”

Spock: “That is correct, Mr. Scott. By all the laws we know. There was no period of unconsciousness. Our ships chronometer registered a matter of only a few seconds. Therefore, we were displaced through space in some manner which I am unable to phathom.”

Scotty: “What your saying is that the planet didn’t blow up and the captain and the others are still alive!”

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